Basic Harmonica

Instructor, Jamy Lasell started playing harmonica at age 12.  Then ignored it most of his life, while singing in a band for 20 years.   Jamy picked up the harmonica again 3 years ago and with practice and encouragement, got better.  Now it is his go to instrument.  Jamy is an Orange resident, a past graduate of the U of O., a retired farmer, presently employed in construction.   His previous teaching experience includes teaching beekeeping.  Jamy been a poster boy playing harmonica 3 times this year at Hat City Kitchen.

Participants should bring a harmonica.  Jamy’s favorite type is a Honer Special 20 at about $45.  Any harmonica will do as the class will compare types and qualities.  Participants should bring patience. And make time to practice for 15 minutes each day.  We will discuss keys, chords, techniques, positions, microphones. There will be handouts and homework.

Mondays . 7:30 – 9:00 . November 10 – December 15

Ironworks Community Gallery . 406 Tompkins Street . Orange, NJ

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