PlaceMaking12: Kiara Nagel

Kiara Nagel is a creative strategist with 20 years experience building collaborative initiatives and supporting groups, organizations, and leaders to be more engaged, equitable, and effective in their work. Her consulting practice operates from a commitment to dignity of all people and a deep belief in people’s ability to come together to face challenges with creativity and playfulness to ultimately shape a more just and sustainable future.

Kiara offers custom facilitation training, coaching, strategy and capacity building to a range of leaders and organizations in local, national and international networks. She is an Affiliate with Interaction Institute for Social Change and Associate with the Center for Story-based Strategy. Kiara holds a Masters in City Planning from the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT.


Kiara Nagel led a lively, interactive community input session about the Heart of Orange at our first ever Placemaking in 2009. This video captures highlights of that day.

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