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We’ve taken a moment to pause and transition in the midst of what UofO co-founder, Dr. Mindy Fullilove, has coined ‘managed retreat’ on her blog.  Moving forward we’ll be offering more material and media online, via this page and our social media channels – instagram, twitter, and facebook.

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Dr. Mindy Fullilove’s Main Street blog features a recent series of posts on Covid-19, Social Distancing, and Empowered Collaboration. 

In “Getting Through This Moment”, she outlines five principles for ‘getting through the disaster’. Each week we’ll be sharing a compilation of writings on each principle, as well as an action to take or project to contribute to:

  1. Turn on the love
  2. Pay attention to this week’s needs
  3. Fight injustice
  4. Extend and strengthen your network
  5. Build a personal foundation of spirit


You can explore all the entires in our digital campus here, or by categories listed in the menus at the top of the page or the sidebar, or below: