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Music City connects and supports musicians in and around Orange, with the long term goal of building social cohesion, civic engagement, and exploring the ways music can help lay a path towards a healthier, more equitable city. We offer free community music classes, an instrument rental library, and a community musicology program. Annually we host two big events: Music City Festival, a city-wide celebration of music in Orange, and Remembering Rosa: A Concert for Peace, which brings together school choirs and church choirs on December 1st to commemorate the anniversary of Rosa Parks’ act of civil disobedience and the ensuing Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Music City Festival is an annual, city-wide celebration of music in Orange, NJ! This year’s festival is on May 16th at The HUUB, 35 Cleveland Street from 2PM – 10PM. Check out this article written about last year’s Music City Festival in Next City.

Music City Educator’s Work Group is a coalition of public school teachers, freelance teaching artists, parents, students, and music education enthusiasts. This workgroup has three priorities. The first is as a space for dialogue about music education in the broadest sense- including experimental and culturally-responsive approaches to pedagogy, rooting music education in our city’s neighborhoods, and the ways music education can contribute to a culture of life-long learning. The second priority is as a supportive working group to help participants build and develop their own projects. Following an asset-based community development model, the group develops and supports projects which connect and build on assets and resources that are readily available – e.g. building a city-wide, intergenerational community choir by strengthening connections between Orange’s many school choirs and church choirs. The third priority is as a base-building strategy that increases our capacity to advocate for high quality music education that is accessible to children and adults alike in Orange, NJ. This advocacy is important to connect our grassroots community organizing initiatives around music with the priorities of local businesses, the Orange public school district, as well as city and state governments.

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