‘Quaranzines’ with Aya

On Friday May 15th 2020, 1PM-2PM, Filipina-Japanese designer, educator and illustrator, Ayako Maruyama, led us in a ‘quaranzine-making’ workshop and a reflection on place and public space. You can view her presentation and workshop in the video above. We examine our evolving relationships to place as we shelter in place. Aya shares insights she gained about having a sense of place while on a bike tour of Japan and we explore how being together in public has changed. We make zines as a creative format that everyone can do. Bring any rectangular piece of paper, a pair of scissors and your favorite writing/drawing supplies.

You can see some of the zines people made during the workshop on our instagram page highlight “Quaranzines”. If you make one, feel free to send us photographs of your zine to universityoforange@gmail.com. Here are the prompts Ayako used for this workshop:

  1. Cover: Title__________ by ________ don’t forget your name!
  2. What has changed the most in your life since the quarantining started?
  3. What changes do you feel most at the community scale (urban or rural)?
  4. What has changed in how you engage with space in your daily life?
  5. What impacts has quarantining had on people in terms of work.
    Draw the first person that comes to your mind.
  6. What inequities have been revealed in this time. Draw the first person that comes to your mind.
  7. What do you hope we carry with us as we rebuild and adjust to new ways of being together in public moving forward?
  8. Free space! Or Invent a new way to travel (transportation mode, super power, etc)!

As part of the Design Studio for Social Intervention, Ayako Maruyama co-authored and co-illustrated the recently published book, Ideas Arrangements Effects: Systems Design and Social Justice.

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