Placemaking12: Dominic Moulden

Dominic T. Moulden is UofO’s Ernest Thompson Fellow for Program & Coalition. Dominic is a longtime resource organizer at Organizing Neighborhood Equity (ONE DC), a collectively-led organization that builds people power and economic and racial equity in Washington, DC. He is a frequent lecturer at various universities and conferences regarding equitable revitalization, cooperative economics, affordable housing, workplace democracy, community development, and public policy. Moulden is also a community-accountable photographer and social justice documentarian. A native of east Baltimore, his images celebrate Black love and resilience while providing uncompromising witness to the ongoing displacement of Afrodiasporic people in Baltimore and elsewhere in the Americas. His creative practice and organizing work are both dedicated to fostering a culture of health that includes art, joy, and radical resource redistribution.

Dominic’s Placemaking 12 submission is a “self-guided and inspiring” powerpoint:


Dominic Moulden speaks at Placemaking 10: Homeboy Came to Orange
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