Placemaking12: UofO Urbanism Team

What does an urbanist need to know while sheltering in place? Here’s what UofO’s urbanism team has to suggest.

  1. The psychological impact of physical space to people and their social relations
  2. Basics about plants and how to take care of them
  3. How to stretch! Stretching as a quality of attention towards space in the body and space around the body and their relationship. Stretching to keep walking muscles limber. Stretching to connect to breath, to find and claim space inwardly and outwardly.
  4. Ora et labora – work and prayer. How to balance work with things like exercise, meditation, and reading the newspaper
  5. Mask mindfulness – How to wear and handle a mask properly to protect everyone
  6. Where the less crowded streets in the neighborhood are, to walk more comfortably
  7. Why sheltering in place is an expression of your love for your city
  8. What independent businesses are open and how you can support them to the degree that you are able
  9. When your local elections are
  10. Where your USPS mail drop boxes are and how to use them
  11. Where your food comes from

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