Offerings & Reflections: César Presa

During the pandemic and this time of managed retreat, Music City is presenting a series of Offerings & Reflections from musicians, music teachers and students, music lovers and music enthusiasts. If you’re interested in contributing to the series, contact us at

The latest in Music City’s Offerings & Reflections series is a new album from Music City organizer César Presa. Take a listen to Retrospective on band camp and stay tuned for a recorded conversation between Cesar Presa and Ray Sykes.

CESAR PRESA is a musician, organizer, farmer, and chef-extraordinaire. He makes music with illNomads and Yaritza. He is a lead organizer with UofO’s Music City Festival, co-curates the Living Room Series, and runs the concert series “Soundscapes”, which features eclectic, off-the-beaten track sounds from Essex County and beyond.

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