Dopefiend’s Redemption Online Book Launch Event

We will be honoring and celebrating Jim Gilbert’s book launch on January 24th at 4 P.M. If you’d like to join us, and haven’t already received an eventbrite invitation, please send your email address to Once we receive your email, we will send you the invite where you may RSVP for the online event. We hope you’re able to join us.

Speakers include:

Mindy Fullilove: Prominent social psychiatrist, author, educator, and political activist. In addition to numerous lifetime achievements, co-founder of the University of Orange. Cherished friend for almost fifty years.     

Walt Nygard – Transitioned from a lifelong blue collar day job to full time artist and poet.  Abiding friendship with Jim for over thirty years.

Ann Weiss: Prominent author and educator, whose impact on the profession of social work spans over a half century of activism. Jim’s friend and mentor.

Eric Acree: Years of study fueled by an intense curiosity about the world and its inhabitants led to the position of Curator of Africana Studies at Cornell University. Jim’s esteemed brother-in-law.

Celeste Benítez: Fought the ravages of South Bronx poverty to emerge as a gifted social worker and community activist. Jim’s adopted granddaughter. 

Paula Rogovin: Retired teacher and author of three well received books on the teaching profession. Currently full time antiracist, environmental, and community activist. Enduring friendship with Jim over fifty years.

Angela Doyle: Highly respected trade-unionist. Served as executive vice-president of 1199/SEIU for over thirty years.  Origins of sustained friendship with Jim go back to union work four decades ago.

Jonah Smith: Administrator in a global industrial engineering group. His multiple  achievement awards are a reflection of leadership, decency, and hard work. Family ties nurtured the ongoing relationship between Jim and this young man  since he was in kindergarten. 

Anya Rubenstein: Commitment to progressive ideals plus a keen intellect, unselfish reliability and down-to-earth honesty provides an old man with assurance that despite a troubled world the future will be in good hands. Jim’s wonderful niece.

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