Stroll’n Scroll and Share!

Friday’s January 29th and February 5th starting at 5:30PM EST

This year’s Jan Term will have the theme Mushrooms and Marx and we want to think collectively and  ecologically about the needs of our cities at this time. This year one of our virtual field trip offerings for Jan Term is Stroll ‘n Scroll and Share! Register for free here.

Join UofO Urbanism Team members Aditi Nair and Jacqueline Castañeda for a two session of Stroll’n Scroll and Share! Mindy’s Fullilove’s book Main Street introduced to us a way of exploring our own neighborhoods. In the first session, we will discuss a method of stroll (a walk in the neighborhood) and scroll (a way of documenting your thoughts). In the second session participants will reconvene and share insights from the cohorts neighborhood, we will have guests to give feedback and go deeper into the practice of exploring our neighborhoods.

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Friday January 29th, 5:30PM-6:30PM – Intro and overview of the Stroll’n Scroll methodology

Friday February 5th, 5:30PM-7:30PM – Presentations and sharing participants experience


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