Jacqueline Castañeda

Jacqueline Castañeda is a researcher and urban strategist specializing in urban design, infrastructures and public policy. She has an academic background in architecture and a master’s degree in Design and Urban Ecologies at Parsons School of Design, The New School. She worked as a strategist and designer for different institutions of the Mexican government, in the international firms MIC Mobility in Chain (Italy) and Carlo Ratti Associati (Italy), and as a researcher at Parsons School of Design (United States). Her practice focuses on the design and opening of strategies, processes, projects and new participatory methodologies for the development of balanced, equitable and fair communities and territories. She involves feminist urbanism through the planning, design, and production of public spaces and infrastructures that support people’s daily lives. Currently her interest is to explore the intersection of spatial justice and women’s bodies. She also experiments with fermentation processes as a vehicle for freedom and food sovereignty.

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