Fall Class: Rebuilding Just Communities = Healing Ourselves

Join UofO’s Collective Recovery Fellow, Dr. Marisela Gomez, for a free 12-week course: “Rebuilding Just Communities = Healing Ourselves”. You can register for the class here, details are below.

Marisela Gomez is a mindfulness and health practitioner and social justice activist. Her activism focuses on community healing and economic empowerment in historically abandoned low-income Black communities. Early during the Covid19 pandemic she shared this set of reflections and meditations with us. We’re delighted to invite her back this fall as our Collective Recovery Fellow.

Title: Rebuilding just communities = healing ourselves

Description: This course will instruct participants on mindfulness practices and their effect on ourselves and our work in organizing and working for racial and social justice. Participants will be able to see the direct effect of these practices on themselves. They will understand how showing up for the challenging work of rebuilding just communities requires that we ourselves are engaged in our own transformative work of healing ourselves, less we duplicate the oppressive structures we seek to change.

Attendance: The invitation is that all participants will commit to make every effort to attend all classes.

12 week course meeting for 60 mins each week*

Weeks of Oct 4 – Dec 13 2021

Mondays 1230 pm EST

*Last week will include a half day retreat/presentations 1230 – 430p, date to be decided.

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