The Tunnel: Youth Music Studio

Wednesdays, October 14th 2023 – May 29th 2024, 4-7pm at the HUUB, 35 Cleveland Street

This course is open to students in high school. There are 6 ‘internship’ positions available for students who wish to earn $15/hour for participation in Youth Music Studio.

UofO’s youth music studio is both a crash course in Audio Production Training covering the basics of mixing, mastering and vocal production and an open studio space for students to work on their own projects. Students will learn basics of recording techniques and Digital Audio Workstation skills. Students will also receive creative direction on creating new music. Students will work towards a final project that will be released during the annual Music City Festival in May 2024.

Questions can be directed to

Hosted by Ray Sykes and Euphony.

Ray Sykes is an artist from Orange, NJ. A part of a group called Soundbox Banditz as well as a duo DefNote and associated with fellow Soul Touchers He Who Shines Truly, Sykez music consists of all aspects of hip hop culture. Ray is a lead organizer with UofO’s Music City Festival and curates the Don’t Drop The Mic series, a bi-annual showcase of Orange’s hip-hop scene. His discography is available on bandcamp.

Euphony is a performance and visual artist for hire based in North New Jersey. She’s a singer/songwriter, lyricist, poetess, and paint instructor, who’s performed in collaboration with NJPAC, SOB’s, and so on.

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