Building Collective Recovery Into What You DO

more here: Collective Recovery

University of Orange’s Collective Recovery program provides tools for organizations and community leaders to incorporate collective recovery into their existing programming.  Collective Recovery is a way for communities to heal from trauma together. UofO collaborated with project leads from NYC RECOVERS to develop the training.  NYC RECOVERS started after September 11th when public health experts at Columbia University, recognized that people throughout the New York regions were dealing with trauma but only some people were receiving any counseling or mental health care. They realized that healing should be active, done together, and everyone could and should play a role in healing. University of Orange developed and offered Collective Recovery trainings and developed a handbook in response to a local spike in gun violence in Orange, NJ and recent fear in the city’s large immigrant community. We are now offering Train the Trainer workshops to expand the scope of this initiative.

Download the handbook here.

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