Jaden Sinclair interviews Josh Thompson

Jaden: What role does music play in your life?

Josh: It’s like breathing. It’s my connection to my people, and to the world. Now when I say my people, I mean black people; when I say the world, I mean everybody.

Jaden: What sounds are a part of your history?

Josh: Rhythm and blues, blues, jazz, and rock.

Jaden: What sounds do you hear in your day to day life?

Josh: All types of music.

Jaden: What role does music play in the city of Orange or your neighborhood?

Josh: Not big enough. Music could be included more and more things could be based around music, and the quality of music could be higher in the things they base it around.

Jaden: When you think of Orange, what sounds do you think of?

Josh: The Temptations, the Intellectuals, which is the group I performed with, and the blues. And the voice of Paul Robeson as a kid. And Lead Belly. Those are my biggest memories as a kid.

Jaden: What role do you see your music playing in our community?

Josh: A bridge to bring people together.

Jaden: Is there a sound that you would like to hear in Orange?

Josh: The sound of people harmonizing as one.


This interview was created as a part of the Community Musicology Project


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