Always a Student, Forever Fly

Reflection from Rachel Bland

In honor of #TransformationTuesday, I’d like to share my 4th grade class picture from Heywood Ave School (go wildcats) and University of Orange Graduation Picture. Two reasons I love these pictures:

1) Learning is a lifelong process and whether it is in school or in the park with my friends and neighbors, I continuously learn every day. I love it, you all are brilliant. yes you.

2) No matter in school, life, or work stay fly. I believe 4th grade was just before the school uniforms took effect in Orange but check out those teal leggings and all the colors (90s fashion for the win)! Also, at every UofO graduation, your outfit isn’t complete with a fashionable hat.

The stories I hear from my classmates and community have transformed me into who I am today, and transformed how I view Orange, and for that I am forever grateful

~ RB


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