Ear To The Pavement

“This is a time where we have to stretch our minds to what is beyond the obvious… What is the nature of this ecological disturbance? How do we understand it more deeply, and how are we called to behave in a different way?”

– Dr. Mindy Fullilove
Repurposing the Webs of Infection as Webs of Connection, with Mindy Thompson Fullilove

Take a listen to this interview with University of Orange’s co-founder Dr. Mindy Fullilove on Allison Lirrish Dean’s Ear to the Pavement podcast. Mindy discusses managed retreat, collective recovery, and grassroots public health as responses to the Covid19 pandemic’s impact on our everyday lives, our politics, our social connection, and the future of organizing. 

Mindy was previously interviewed on this podcast back in February 2017 on her book Root Shock. You can listen to that episode below and follow Allison Lirrish Dean and the Ear to the Pavement podcast on twitter.

Revisiting Root Shock in an age of mass displacement
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