Turn on the Love

Our co-founder, Dr. Mindy Fullilove, has been writing powerfully about this moment at her Main Street blog. In “Getting Through This Moment”, she outlines five principles for ‘getting through the disaster’:

  1. Turn on the love
  2. Pay attention to this week’s needs
  3. Fight injustice
  4. Extend and strengthen your network
  5. Build a personal foundation of spirit

Each week we’ll be sharing a compilation of writings on each principle, as well as an action to take or project to contribute to. This is what Mindy has to say about “Turn on the love”:

“The first part of getting through a disaster is to recognize the difference between love and fear.  This might seem obvious – and perhaps it is – but there is a lot of each floating around. Fear is normal in such situations but must be contained and minimized because 1) it doesn’t help and 2) it can really hurt.  Fear let loose on the self becomes panic, let loose on others becomes stigma and worse. 

Love, on the other hand, is profoundly useful in these situations.  It empowers us to do our best for ourselves, our families and our world.  People in disasters have a built-in need to “do something” to help. This has gotten our species through many a hard time, and it is needed now.  Fear turns off love, makes us want to retreat from the threat. Love turns off fear and helps us approach the need that is presented to us.

An example of love at work: a man in Pennsylvania was getting ready to close his distillery as a non-essential business, when he became angry at reports of skyrocketing prices of hand sanitizer. The distiller realized he could make hand sanitizer with the alcohol he had on hand and give it away for free or for at-will donations. 

We can’t be afraid that our economy is slipping into a “recession.”  We have to LOVE that managed retreat is going to keep us alive. 

We can’t be afraid that managed retreat is going on too long.  We have to LOVE every strange day of this epic challenge.

We can’t be afraid that our children will miss out on learning. We have to LOVE that they can learn that the foundation of civilization is to care for one another.

We can’t be afraid that we will be damaged by the strain of this.  We have to LOVE that we can (and will) continue to care for one another until everyone can smile again. 

Turning on the love keeps you from overreacting and restores your calm in those moments when you need it most.”

We encourage you to check out and consider supporting The Latino Community Foundation, headed by Jacqueline Martinez Garcel. They have launched a campaign to support organizations serving the Latino community, called the “Love, Not Fear Fund.” Its goal is to raise funds for organizations serving the elderly and the most vulnerable in the Latino community in California.  The Fund issued its first grants this past week, helping an array of organizations throughout the state.

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