Music City Festival 2021: “Dancing In The Streets”

A Covid-safe community event celebrating music, food, dancing, and public space in Orange NJ. 

University of Orange’s 5th annual Music City Festival is happening from May 14-16th across three days and ten outdoor venues around the City of Orange. The festival offers an opportunity for celebration, connection, and recovery for the whole of the city of Orange, naming and uplifting each of Orange’s main civic, social, and commercial centers – Main Street, Central Ave, and the Valley. As we start to emerge from the pandemic, Music City Festival aims to safely re-make public space for us to gather, grieve, bear witness, celebrate, and imagine. 

The festival will feature over 60 local musicians and is run in partnership with the following restaurants: D3Fold, Cupidos, Reddz Lounge, Sarrah’s, Tavia’s Eatery, Lando’s Bakery, La Rosa Mexicana, Four City Brewery, Benji’s Taqueria, and Hat City Kitchen. 
Come out to hear and celebrate Orange’s global offerings of music and food. Bring your friends and family. Mask wearing and social distance will be required! 

The festival is co-hosted by HANDS Inc. and sponsored by M&T Bank, Four City Brewery, NAACP of the Oranges & Maplewood, and Missing Link Music.

Sarrah Cafe Trinbago: 454 Central Ave

4PM: Euphony (hip-hop)

5PM Young Picasso’s (soca)

6PM Renita Persaud Quartet (classical)

Redd’z Grill and Lounge: 7 Lincoln Ave

7PM R.E.A.L. Music (hip hop)

8PM Eddie Nicholas (house)

9PM King Sykez (hip hop)

Cupidos: 143 Lincoln Ave

7PM King Sykez (hip hop)

8PM Avalon & Alex (songwriters)

9PM Freewil

D3Fold: 51 Central Ave

7PM Young Picasso’s (soca)

8PM Joshua Reserve

9PM Richard Coley (reggae)

Military Park across from Tavia’s Eatery: 169 Main Street

1PM Sonny

2PM Ray Johnston

3PM Rocard

4PM The 99 Trip

Vendors Market: M&T Bank Parking Lot on Day St

Vendors and DJ Fabb from 1-5PM

Essex Ave Stage near La Rosa Mexicana (10 S Essex Ave) and Lando’s Bakery (23 S Essex Ave)

1PM Autumn Jones

2PM Big Head Baby Blues Band

3PM Sonny

4PM Nortee Americano

5PM Viva Vallanato Cumbia

Four City Brewery: 55 S Essex Ave

1PM Freewil

2PM The 99 Trip

3PM Yaya

4PM Avalon & Alex

5PM Juice

Benji’s Taqueria: 14 Main Street (West Orange)

1PM Yaya

2PM Joshua Reserve

3PM Viva Vallanato Cumbia

4PM Jane Stuart (jazz)

Memorial Park across from Hat City Kitchen: 459 Valley Street

1PM Odie

2PM Renita Persaud Quartet

2:45PM Orange High School Mighty Marching Tornados Marching Band

3PM Joe Lombardo

3:15PM Paul Lombardo & Juliana Carr

4PM J-Read

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