Reflecting on 400 Years: Stories and Tools for a Just Future

A celebration of the 400 Years of Inequality coalition, including readings, reflections, and a showcase unveiling two new digital platforms. Register for free online here.

About this Event

In 1619, the first ships delivering Africans to be sold into bondage arrived in Jamestown, an inciting event in America’s ongoing battle with inequality. 2019 would mark this monumental 400th anniversary, and with it, a call to action would be issued—and answered.

Presented by University of Orange, Reflecting on 400 Years: Stories and Tools for a Just Future is the story of 400 Years of Inequality, a global coalition of activists, scholars, artists, and students—all linked in arms for radical equity. Join us on April, 28th, 2021 as we showcase our groundbreaking coalition, and unveil two new digital platforms that reflect on 4 centuries of inequity, more than 5 years of transformative organizing, 150+ community-based observances—and look toward the future.

A Call Answered: Observing History—Reclaiming the Future

Through immersive multimedia storytelling, A Call Answered… spotlights the change-inspiring work of 5 community-based 400 Years “observances”, events unearthing and acknowledging America’s timeline of inequality, and setting the stage for a new century of recovery.

The Peoples Pathway to Equity

How do you contribute to a sustainable, equitable, historically informed future? It starts with the people and places around you.

In this space, you will engage in multimedia activities and the key concepts most critical to understanding and dismantling the ecology of inequality in your community. Across four chapters, you’ll explore the many insights gathered by the 400 Years of Inequality coalition over five years of learning and organizing together, introducing you to people from a range of places who have boldly answered the call for equality, and helping you embark on your own pathway to equity.

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