Fall 2015 Course Catalog

Header_Fall2015Dear U of O Community,

At our fall 2015 teacher training we were reminded of one of the founding principles of our school: everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn.  Hearing the courses that our amazing volunteers planned to offer helped us again see the profound richness in our community.  We don’t always talk to our neighbors much less imagine that they will share with us their passion for music, meditation or paper mache.  We are looking forward to many things this year including working with many partners to examine the history and future of I-280 and offering courses and activities at the Adult School at Rosa Parks.  We can’t wait to listen to your stories, hear your ideas and take your courses.

all classes are free, no need to register unless noted in the course listing


UofO at Orange Adult School hosted by Rosa Parks Community School

Music Department

Wellness Department: Athletics, Dance, Health & Mindfulness

Urbanism Department

Department of Arts & Expression

Technology & Business Department

University of Orange Graduation Requirements Checklist

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