Fight injustice.

In “Getting Through This Moment”, Dr. Mindy Fullilove outlines five principles for ‘getting through the disaster’:

  1. Turn on the love
  2. Pay attention to this week’s needs
  3. Fight injustice
  4. Extend and strengthen your network
  5. Build a personal foundation of spirit

This week we turn our attention to #3 – “Fight Injustice” 

graphics by Erica Rivera

“It is essential to fight the injustices that are being perpetrated at this moment in history.  As I noted earlier, injustice undermines secondary prevention, and expands the harms of the disaster.  Justice – love made visible – is the great force limiting the harm this pandemic will visit upon us.  There is injustice all around and there has been a sustained outcry against it, which we can all join.  We need unemployment insurance for everyone laid off, including all the “gig” workers without benefits.  It doesn’t matter if Uber drivers are so-called “independent” contractors: at this time, they’re out of work and need our help. 

We must turn on the money needed by people who will be or have been put out of work. For the most powerful force fighting injustice, I recommend connecting to the Poor People’s Campaign, which is launching a national effort for a moral response to the pandemic, and relying on guidance from key leaders in public health. 

It is also important that local organizations use their clout and their websites to share trusted public health information and ways to access resources.  Where I live, we’re using a health coalition website to address these needs.  It is a source known in the local community and the many coalition partners can all help with linkages and web development support.”

If you live in or around Orange, NJ, check out the page of small businesses that are open and providing much needed services during the pandemic. Small, locally-owned businesses that are connected to the community are crucial to healthy urban functioning. Many of those businesses in Orange are not eligible for Federal and State emergency resources as they do not have payroll. Consider supporting them if you are able!

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