Offerings & Reflections: Music for Healing

During the pandemic and this time of managed retreat, Music City is presenting a series of Offerings & Reflections from musicians, music teachers and students, music lovers and music enthusiasts. Here, Dr. Margaux Simmons offers three improvisations on her double-chambered flute for healing and for meditation.

Music is a bridge between earth and heaven

(The Forbidden Kingdom, 2008)  

I believe that some forms of music can be very healing, physically, emotionally and spiritually.   The music that I write, compose and improvise is intended to be an instrument of healing, in all of these dimensions.  I don’t believe all music that is available to us is conceived in this way, however.  Some music is conceived to be purely entertaining and that is fine.  There are those that would say that entertainment is healing in many ways and they are probably correct.  We can find “healing,” in many places and in many ways.  But I feel a difference with some musics, in terms of their “healing,” qualities. It feels like the music that comes through me, comes directly from a spiritual realm and has a primary intention of spreading love. 

I offer potions, salves and meditations in the forms of instrumental solos, chamber ensemble pieces with and without the human voice, orchestral pieces with and without the voice and voice pieces, with and without the use of other instruments.  

There is a long history of humans using music for healing.  Historically, we see that in cultures where there were “medicine,” people that attended to the sick and dying, music was used in their healing ceremonies.  That still happens today in many cultural traditions. In guided meditations, it is common for bells and other instruments to be used.  

Since every act of life is about spirit for me, the music that I make is a spiritual experience, both in the making of it,  the performance of it and, I hope, in listening to it, as well.   The quote above from the film, The Forbidden Kingdom, 2008, represents the notion that music fits somewhere in the spiritual realm between earth and heaven.  For me, this is so, and I offer my music to listeners in that way.  

Meditations on Tiger Maple, #1 and #3 are for Native Flute, Eb double-chambered flute made of tiger maple wood. These two examples of music can be used for meditation: in guided meditations or as solace for a personal meditation or prayer.   I offer it for use to aid in the spiritual, emotional and physical release of tensions, stressors and personal aspirations.  Meditations on Tiger Maple #2 is a part of my practice of experimentation with Native Eb double-chambered flute and voice. I offer this as a means of personal expression and release. 

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