Youth Urbanism Summit 2014

This year the University of Orange partnered in the planning and launch of the inaugural Youth Urbanism Summit: Our Future City. The event was held at Columbia University School of Heath in Manhattan. The product of an inclusive planning process, the summit embodied what we believe about youth urbanism: young people hold a unique and deep understanding of the places that they live. It is important to hear and honor these voices in the creation of our future cities. Not only should young people be involved in shaping the places they live, they should play a leading role.

The Summit received youth media submissions from all over the country and was attended by young people and urban practitioners from the region. The YA-YA Network (youth activists – youth allies) led the group in a moving workshop called “The Village.” In the late afternoon we took to the streets for a five-senses scavenger hunt – reminding us that our work shouldn’t happen in isolation. We closed the day by adding our wishes for the future to our future city dreamcatcher. The dreamcatcher is now hanging at ORNG Ink headquarters, Ironworks.

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