Music City Festival 2022

University of Orange’s 6th annual Music City Festival is happening from May 13-15th across three days and eight outdoor venues around the City of Orange. 

Are you interested in joining our volunteer team? You can sign up to volunteer here

The festival will feature over 50 local musicians and is run in partnership with the following restaurants: D3Fold, Reddz Bistro & Grill, Sarrah’s Cafe Trinbago, Inner City Cafe, Four City Brewery, Benji’s Taqueria, and Hat City Kitchen. 
Come out to hear and celebrate Orange’s global offerings of music and food. Bring your friends and family.

The festival is sponsored by lead sponsors HANDS Inc., M&T Bank, and DAAB Kids, and co-sponsors Four City Brewery, NAACP of the Oranges & Maplewood, and Missing Link Music.

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